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Why Align?

In today’s modern, digitized economy, it has never been more critical for businesses of all sizes to distribute, analyze, and interpret transactional data.  Teams need to understand the current state, pinpoint adjustments in strategy, and affect operational results. Inaccurate, misunderstood, or disconnected data can result in financial losses and compound customer complaints.

At Align, we view these processes as living entities requiring real-time care and control so teams can understand performance data that informs deliberate action. By linking demands, contracts, procurement, ERP, and asset management data from all departments under a unified umbrella, we enable enterprise stakeholders to collaborate effortlessly and capitalize on hidden areas of inherent savings and growth.

Sourcing & Procurement Operations

ServiceNow Sourcing and Procurement Operations (SPO) automates the source-to-receipt process for more seamless purchasing and case management across work teams, allowing sourcing and procurement to focus more on strategic initiatives. It integrates seamlessly with existing ERP and procurement technologies to deliver faster time-to-value while streamlining fulfillment and reducing the potential for errors or delays. 

ServiceNow SPO transforms your sourcing and procurement operations to drive cost savings, achieve operational excellence, and automate the sourcing and supplier selection processes. Scheduled reports provide improved visibility and further reduce risks.

Sourcing and Procurement Operations

Supplier Lifecycle Operations

ServiceNow Supplier Lifecycle Operations (SLO) automates and simplifies the interaction with suppliers and the collaboration from start to finish. It makes purchasing, data management, and performance management across teams more seamlessly, and allows procurement and supplier managers to focus on more strategic priorities.

SLO is built on the Now Platform and integrates with existing ERP and procurement solutions. Supplier Lifecycle Operations streamlines fulfillment, reduces the potential for errors or delays, and delivers faster time-to-value.

Supplier Lifecycle Operations

Accounts Payable Operations

ServiceNow Accounts Payable Operations (APO) helps finance departments simplify and coordinate the activities required to pay suppliers accurately. It is part of the ServiceNow Source-to-Pay Operations solution. Now finance operations and accounts payable (AP) teams can eliminate mundane activities like entering emailed PDFs as invoices into backend systems, deflect low value status questions with self-service tools, and automate the most timeconsuming processes, like manually matching invoices with purchase orders and goods receipts

Accounts Payable Operations

IT Budgeting

Leveraging the IT budgeting capabilities with ServiceNow connects disparate departments and processes, enabling granular and real-time visibility across all of them.  You no longer have to depend on outdated information and ‘gut-feel’ predictions. An automated IT budgeting solution makes it much easier to quickly identify, analyze, and run ‘what-if’ scenarios so you can optimize your investment strategy. In addition, you’ll achieve exponential benefits by connecting IT Budgeting with Source-to-Pay that are more significant than the sum of the parts.  This proactive approach is another step towards helping companies run IT like a business.

Investment Portal

Completing projects and demands on time and within budget can be challenging. The ServiceNow Investment Portal provides a comprehensive view of project and demand financials, deadlines, and other vital metrics in an intuitive user interface that makes managing project and demand investments more efficiently.

Tracking and managing your budgets, commits, and actuals then sharing them through email and meetings takes time and effort. Typically, to generate a report, you need to align projects and demands with ERP and Procurement data, produce the report, and then share that static information with others.

With Investment Portal, ServiceNow can collect and connect the information for you.  Investment boards allow you to create filter definitions so you share the right information with relevant stakeholders. Filtering can also be used to create alerts that call where out budgets, forecasts, commits, or actuals are too high or unspent so investments can be optimized.


"Disconnected visibility prevented us from taking advantage of volume purchase opportunities.  Our team was also wasting 20% of their time on unfunded requests.  On top of that, we were paying maintenance on expired infrastructure.  We identified savings in the first 12 months that provided us with over 200% Return on Investment!  
I cannot say enough positive things about the team at Align.   5 stars!"

—  Charles M.  —

Vice President of IT Strategy & Governance

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