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IT Cost Optimization

In today’s modern, digitized economy, it has never been more important for businesses of all sizes to distribute, analyze, and interpret transactional data, allowing leadership to affect real-time, pinpoint adjustments in strategy and operational cadence. Data that is deferred, misunderstood, or improperly shared can result in financial losses and compounding customer complaints.

  At Align, we view the contracts as living entities requiring regular care and control, allowing leadership within your enterprise to understand performance data that informs deliberate action. By linking contract, procurement, and asset management data inputs from all departments under a unified umbrella, we enabled enterprise stakeholders to effortlessly collaborate and capitalize on invisible areas of inherent growth.

CASE STUDY: IT Cost Optimization

Align's customer sought a way to connect geographically-dispersed stores, offices, and executive-level divisions under a unified framework that would allow leadership to interpret and understand paths for process improvement, cost savings, and tighter control over operations. More specifically, the customer needed a way to foster a culture of collaboration that would provide enhanced reporting and data management capabilities by expanding access to data previously unobtainable.


Many of the key stakeholders were unaware of how data from other departments could unlock actionable business intelligence that would inform tactical and strategic decision-making for their own department. For decades, departments would focus solely on their respective financial performance, unaware of how ripples within other company divisions could significantly impact their bottom-line. The customer needed a means to capture, extract, synthesize, and distribute data that was verifiable, precise, and refreshed in real-time. This approach would guarantee the elimination of a pervasive ‘silo’ culture that gave cushion to an entrenched philosophy of accountability that focused too narrowly on the individual division, versus the entirety of the enterprise.


THE SOLUTION: Turn ‘Silo’ Processes into a Fully-Integrated Enterprise Solution

The customer for this case study recognized the importance of establishing a means to connect information with intelligence to make quicker, smarter, and more profitable decisions. We leveraged our unmatched ITFM experience and capabilities to define, develop, test, implement, and maintain a resulting ServiceNow solution that was lean, optimized, and able to scale the entirety of the customer’s massive enterprise. Align leveraged the extensible power of ServiceNow to create a universe of accessible and actionable data that increases enterprise ROI while providing a roadmap to accommodate exponential growth. We focused on understanding the customer’s needs, challenges, goals, and criticalities. Leveraging years of ITFM expertise, Align was able to provide a “right-sized” solution that fit the scale and scope of the customer’s enterprise. We combined our intricate knowledge of ServiceNow ITBM solutions with extensible capabilities resident within the platform itself to deliver a tailored framework offering unparalleled access and control to designated users. For the first time, we empowered our customer leaders to record, interpret, and distribute critical transactional data in real-time across the entire enterprise- while maintaining platform best-practices and simplifying the process of applying platform enhancements and upgrades.


THE RESULT: Recovered IT Spend of 14.7% Through Improved Processes & Optimization of IT Spend

Leveraging ServiceNow, the customer was able to able to immediately see areas to recover wasted spend from the improved transparency and access to enterprise information that was previously to cumbersome to act on. Align continues to help the customer refine the solution to gain new insights and find incremental ROI  for other assets within the enterprise, enabling leaders across the company to interpret and manage expectations, requirements, and costs quicker while minimizing the likelihood of risk. By developing a scalable framework that manages the process for each item within the enterprise, complete with automated notifications for oversight and control, the customer was empowered to make tactical and strategic decisions at a fraction of previous time and capital expenses. Our goal of transforming the enterprise-wide transition from being ‘reactive’ to ‘proactive’- which saved them millions of dollars each and every year.