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CASE STUDY: IT Budget & Actuals

 Aligns' customer is a regional full-service bank with more than $105 billion in assets under management and over 14,000 employees, sought to upgrade antiquated processes built on decades of spreadsheets to enable better strategic planning across the enterprise. Specifically, they needed to identify new techniques and a global framework of accurate and repeatable processes that would inform a transition from passive data analysis to active data control and planning.

Align’s customer was frustrated by a continual disconnect between their strategic goals and lower-tier tactical efforts. Tactical work activity was not synchronized with high-level objectives, resulting in output geared toward items that seemed important at face value but was not connected with strategic goals. An overall lack of understanding permeated the enterprise as to why some of the most brilliant strategies developed were failing to propel strategies forward. Moreover, the customer was searching for a way to understand how holistic visioning could be more quickly distributed and interpreted across its business units. They sought a path to improving internal collaboration and synergy, and synchronize Executive visioning to accelerate goal realization and improved financial performance.


IT Budget & Actuals

Align leverages ServiceNow to provide a holistic view of the money spent on information technology systems and services and ties them back to the Investment Plan thus enabling organizations to prioritize investments, understand associated cost (typically capital-intensive) and communicate how IT drives additional value and enables changes to the business goals


The ability to view the IT budget from different perspectives provides additional financial transparency and assists in discussions concerning the business value of IT.

Conversely, the inability to manage the general-ledger-based view of IT spend will mire the CIO in continuous dialogue with the CFO and undermine IT’s credibility, thereby impeding the ability to demonstrate value.

THE SOLUTION: A cloud-based framework to streamline processes, simplify collaboration, and adjust to the needs of the business in real-time

The bank recognized the need for establishing a mechanism that could enhance the capital planning process, streamlining the collection and interpretation of data while improving communication across the enterprise to guarantee the authenticity of data outputs. Align Financials leveraged their extensive ITFM experience to develop and integrate a ServiceNow solution that provided granular visibility across the enterprise, while seamlessly integrating with existing solutions to improve the quality of capital planning activities. Align collaborated with various customer departments to develop a forecasting solution considerate of the unique pain points, challenges, and operational requirements of all customer divisions. Align created a solution that granted the customer and its stakeholders the capacity to accurately develop projections, forecast plans, and budgets for projects, programs, and expansions that was grounded in verifiable transactional data. Moreover, the solution eliminated the inefficiencies inherent in the customer’s outdated capital planning practices, reducing the over-reliance on spreadsheets and tribal knowledge. Align’s solution made the customer experience easier and faster while exponentially improving tactical and strategic planning.


THE RESULT: Budgets Were Completed in Days – Not Months. 
Forecast Adjustments Were Completed in Hours – Not Weeks

By implementing ServiceNow’s Investment Planner, the bank was able to achieve their target objective by providing a singular platform to govern the input, management, analysis, and export of financial data across the enterprise. It succeeded in eliminating the customer’s over-reliance on spreadsheets, key personnel, and siloed processes that indirectly established a culture of incomplete analysis and planning.  Align’s solution was directly responsible for enabling the customer and its workforce to transition to an enterprise-wide IT Budgeting environment. Predicated on the collaborative input and management of daily transactional data, housed in a cloud-based architecture, they were able to successfully modernize and rapidly enhance their capabilities to leap-frog past its competitors, offering tighter control, flexibility, and scalability.  Offering fully accessible information, Align was able to improve the customer’s ability to prioritize, budget, and manage strategic re-alignment shifts with little to no impact to the continuity of operations.