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University Medical Center Achieves Annual Savings of $560K With ServiceNow's IT Budgeting Solution

The Challenge

The Hospital was grappling with antiquated processes built on decades of spreadsheets for investment planning. The lack of synergy between their strategic goals and tactical efforts led to a disjointed activity that didn't align with high-level objectives. This disconnect resulted in strategies that faltered in execution. The hospital was also on a quest to understand how a holistic vision could be quickly distributed and interpreted across its business units. The goal was to boost internal collaboration and synchronize executive visioning to speed up goal realization and improve financial performance.

The Solution

Recognizing the need for a mechanism that could enhance the capital planning process, the Hospital turned to Align Financials. Leveraging their extensive ITFM experience, Align Financials developed a ServiceNow solution that provided granular visibility across the enterprise. This solution integrated seamlessly with existing infrastructure, thereby improving the quality of capital planning activities.

Align Financials collaborated with various customer departments to develop a forecasting solution that considered distinct pain points, challenges, and operational requirements. This solution granted the customer and its stakeholders the capacity to accurately develop projections, forecast plans, and budgets. The forecasts were grounded in verifiable transactional data, eliminating inefficiencies inherent in the customer’s outdated capital planning practices.

The Outcome

With the implementation of ServiceNow's IT Budgeting solution, budgets were completed in days – not months. Forecast adjustments were completed in hours – not weeks. The solution was directly responsible for enabling the Hospital and its workforce to transition to an enterprise-wide IT Budgeting environment. The customer leap-frogged past its competitors by offering tighter control, greater adaptability, and real-time visibility.


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