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University Streamlines IT Budgeting with ServiceNow and saves > $700K Annually

This American League University was like most in their IT budgeting challenges, shaped by the complex, dynamic environment of higher education and riddled with spreadsheets as the backbone. These challenges include:

  • Balancing Diverse Needs: They had a wide array of stakeholders including faculty, staff, and researchers, each with their own unique IT requirements. Balancing these needs while ensuring optimal resource allocation is challenging.

  • Rapid Technological Change: The fast pace of technological advancement requires universities to continually update and upgrade their IT infrastructure. This can make long-term budgeting challenging as the future tech landscape can be unpredictable.

  • Funding Constraints: Universities, especially public ones, are often subject to fluctuations in funding based on government budgets and policies. This uncertainty can make consistent IT budgeting difficult.

  • Scalability and Flexibility: The need for IT infrastructure that can scale and adapt to changing academic schedules, enrollment numbers, and research projects added complexity to their budgeting efforts.

  • Integrating Legacy Systems: Like many universities, they had legacy systems - and some were quite old. Having increased visibility into their IT budget status helped them uncover underutilized spend that they could use for upgrading older technologies.

Implementing ServiceNow for IT Budgeting

  • Workflow Automation: By automating their IT budgeting processes they were able to eliminate a substantial portion of manual work, streamline tasks, and improving efficiency. This freed up resources for more strategic work efforts.

  • Real-Time Visibility and Decision Making: ServiceNow gave them a unified view that allowed them to gain real-time insights into the current status of budget overages and under-spend. The enabled them to dynamically rebalance their forecast without the need to request additional funding.

  • Supports Dynamic Business Needs: Implementing the solution ServiceNow not only optimized spend and streamlined processes, it also allowed for updates to be communicated to relevant stakeholders in real time.

  • Alignment between the IT and Finance Departments: Foster a common perspective between IT and finance ensured that both teams are aligned in their departmental and organizational objectives.

  • Leverage Advanced Analytics: When it came time to adjust for unforeseen challenges, they were able to utilize ServiceNow's analytics capabilities to perform 'what-if' scenarios, optimizing investment strategies and financial planning.

In summary, this University was able to leverage ServiceNow to achieve greater efficiencies and cost savings in their Investment Planning and IT Budgeting. ServiceNow has been instrumental in addressing the dynamic needs of various stakeholders and managing the complexities of technological advancements. By optimizing IT budgeting processes and resource allocation, they've already realized annual savings exceeding $470,000 annually. This achievement highlights the significant impact of leveraging advanced budgeting solutions geared specifically towards IT demonstrating a strategic approach and operational excellence in the higher education sector.


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